Surgical Technician

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Date Posted: 01-11-2017
The surgical technician assists surgeons and other medical professionals in outpatient surgery settings and similar environments. Chiefly, they prepare patients, rooms and equipment for pending surgical procedures. They also assist during those procedures as part of a team of operating room professionals.

Job Duties

In preparing operating rooms, surgical technicians ensure that all of the equipment needed for the procedure is properly disinfected and assembled. They also check that the equipment is in working order. They place sterile solutions in areas where they can be easily reached by doctors.
To prepare patients for surgery, surgical technicians may clean, shave and disinfect the areas of a patient's body that will be operated on. They then move patients to the OR and position them on the operating table, using sterile surgical drapes to cover them. Monitoring patients' vital signs and observing their status is another job responsibility of a surgical technician.
During surgery, surgical technicians pass sterile surgical equipment, such as scalpels and forceps, to surgeons. They also might cut sutures, keep track of items like sponges and needles, operate lights and help dress a patient's wounds. Additionally, surgical techs are sometimes responsible for the preparation and disposal of lab specimens.
After surgery, a surgical technician generally transports a patient back to his or her room. He or she then returns to the OR to clean and prep for the next surgery.

  • At least 2 years of surgical tech experience required 
  • Validation of completion of an accredited surgical technology program 
  • Current CPR certification 

Opportunities for Palm Beach and Broward Counties available.  

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