Director of Women's and Children's Services

Location: Plano, Texas
Date Posted: 17-07-2018
  • Coordinate/integrate department services with the hospital’s primary function.
  • Develop/implement policies/procedures that guide/support evidenced based practices and the provision of services.
  • Coordinate all department services placing patient safety as the primary goal.
  • Exercise independent judgment within the context of interdisciplinary patient care
  • Develop systems of care to promote patient centered care and achieve optimal patient satisfaction
  • Provide care/treatment/services within the theoretical framework of  modeling and role-modeling
  • Delegate tasks appropriate to meet the needs of the individual patient and to the skills of the employee supervised.
  • Plan, implement, revise and delegate nursing care with patient safety as the primary goal.
  • Recommend a sufficient number of qualified/competent staff to provide department services in support of provision of services.
  • Determine the qualifications/competence of personnel.
  • Continuously assess/improve department’s performance.
  • Maintain/implement quality control programs, patient safety and performance improvement programs
  • Provide for the orientation, in-service training and continuing education and development of staff.
  • Recommend space and other resources needed in the provision of services.
  • Identify and select outside sources for needed services.
  • Promote involvement of self and staff in health promotion/educational community involvement, life time learning and nursing research.
  • Participate in development and evaluation of professional practice by participating on unit and/or hospital committees, special projects and attendance at staff meetings and town halls.
  • Actively participate in unit and/or hospital performance improvement activities.
Education:                                                       BSN, Masters Degree in Nursing or related field
Licensure/certification/registration:        Texas State RN license or compact license is accepted, national specialty certification preferred
Experience:                                                     10 years nursing, 5 years management
Special Skills & Qualifications:                 Ability to listen, interact and communicate verbally and in writing.
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